“A Battle A Transformation”

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  • A Battle, A Transformation” is a series of mixed media paintings on hand-built canvas, wood & longboards. The series deals with the process of making a positive transformation in ones life. Transforming from a negative & sinful life & focusing on making the positive transformation that needs to be made to make your life a beaming example of how Christ lived & how we should all live. In the series the swans & bulls play the roles of the positive & negative. The bulls represent the negativity that life is filled with creating trials & battles fighting against a positive change. The swans represent the positive change. Most of the swans in the series have a flexing arm & balled fist, this represents how the positive transformation has to fight many times harder than the negative battle to overcome & in the end become victorious.
    ComingTo&LettingLoose“Coming To & Letting Loose” 54″x72″
  • Fight
    “Fight” 48″x60″
  • ABAT2
  • “One Last Give” 48″x36″
  • Transform
  • “Transformed” 48″x48″
  • “Naked In Need” 48″x48″
  • BluBull
  • “Blu Bull” 24″x24″
  • PinkBull“Pink Bull” 24″x24″
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“Catherine’s Deception” Goebel/Brinston Collaboration at The Wild Detectives



Brinston had the pleasure of collaborating with an author named Luke B. Goebel at The Wild Detectives in the beautiful Bishop Arts District. Mister Goebel read from his novel “Fourteen Stories. None of Them Are Yours” as Brinston live painted the scene that came to his head inspired by Goebel’s narrating. This is only the first of many collaborations to come from the two artists.
unnamedMatt-Painting-at-The-Wild-Detectives-24LUKE GOEBEL-2Matt-Painting-at-The-Wild-Detectives-20 Matt-Painting-at-The-Wild-Detectives-11Matt-Painting-at-The-Wild-Detectives-25 Matt-Painting-at-The-Wild-Detectives-13 Matt-Painting-at-The-Wild-Detectives-2

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