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“A Battle A Transformation”

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  • A Battle, A Transformation” is a series of mixed media paintings on hand-built canvas, wood & longboards. The series deals with the process of making a positive transformation in ones life. Transforming from a negative & sinful life & focusing on making the positive transformation that needs to be made to make your life a beaming example of how Christ lived & how we should all live. In the series the swans & bulls play the roles of the positive & negative. The bulls represent the negativity that life is filled with creating trials & battles fighting against a positive change. The swans represent the positive change. Most of the swans in the series have a flexing arm & balled fist, this represents how the positive transformation has to fight many times harder than the negative battle to overcome & in the end become victorious.
    ComingTo&LettingLoose“Coming To & Letting Loose” 54″x72″
  • Fight
    “Fight” 48″x60″
  • ABAT2
  • “One Last Give” 48″x36″
  • Transform
  • “Transformed” 48″x48″
  • “Naked In Need” 48″x48″
  • BluBull
  • “Blu Bull” 24″x24″
  • PinkBull“Pink Bull” 24″x24″

“White Bull” 24″x24″

  • BullLust
  • “A Battle” 48″x36″
  • CoolBull
  • “A Battle II” 48″x24″
  • Board1BigWall1GallerySHOTGallerySHOT2 hopeWhiteDRESS
  • “Hope In A White Dress” 24″x48″
  • NeoBull
  • “A Battle III” 48″x36″
  • OneLastGive
  • “A Battle IV” 48″x36″
  • Swan1
  • Swan2
  • Swan3